Monday, April 17, 2017

Tried graphite

Hi !

New blog ! Hope you like it :) I will add few things in the future.

Sooo, i have been working on several things those last weeks. Here is few !
I love the work of Annette Marnat so I tried for the first time the graphite pencil. The rendering pleases me so bad. I hope to test other little things soon.

I have been playing Night in the woods and this game is awesome !! The naustalgia that emerges from the game, the incredible soundtrack, the graphics, the scenario, and especially the characters and their relationships ! I loved everything ! I wish i could have played it longer .

I've finally seen Moana too. A beautiful film, especially graphically. Another princess without prince, it is rather pleasant! A very very funny movie :'D , i loved the character Tamatoa, really excellent. I was shocked how he beated maori's ass !

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