Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New beginning for this blog

As you may have noticed it, i have so much trouble to keep this blog updated. I kept asking myself if i was going to drop it or not because with my Tumblr and Instagram accounts i already post my work twice, so it's finally pretty useless. The advantage of a blog is that you can write there easily , where instagram or Tumblr are usually used for pictures.
I need to oriente myself in something more personal, a place where i could talk about my desires, my goals, questioning etc .
Of course i will always post my work here but with a text much more detailed than a simple legend as i used to do.
It will also be an opportunity to keep a written trace of every single game i play. I used to do a review on my Facebook every time that i finished a game but i find it finally more enjoyable to talk about it here. This will allow those who want to discover some new games or get an idea of them, and for me to keep a trace of my adventures !
I will also illustrate some posts with photographies.
This blog will really be the opportunity to test new things and will work like a diary, no pressure, and i will post when i feel the need.
And as one of my main goal is to improve my english, the blog will be entirely in the language of Shakespeare.
Hope you will like it !


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