Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My life reach a turning point

Lately my life reach a turning point. 

I was very anxious and i could not figure out what i really wanted to do. Because i wanted to have solid foundation on many domains , i began to lose myself. 
"Is the illustration really what i want to do?" 
" Is it not by default thinking that i couldn't do concept art anyway?"
I always loved color, painting is my favorite media,  digital or traditional. The problem is that 's important to know the anatomy (especially for the characters). If you learn a minimum anatomy, you will be able to place your shadows and your lights.

The last "portrait" painting that i did 2 years ago 

I started to work on anatomy, and to do illustrations in a cartoon style, thinking that i was unable to do better. Recently, i missed painting terribly. I started to paint and i didn't understand what happened to me. Unconsciously during all this time i had to assimilate things because my level improved well without i painted a face for 2 years. I did landscape but i feel like it's not the same ? 

So ! I am back on board, and i will reach my goal to become a good concept artist !
If you have doubts honestly you should not give up ! Even for a sec ! And especially if your are self taught.
It's very hard to keep going when you don't have the right environment to work but all the efforts be worth the troubles. I am lucky, i am surrounded by great people and have friends who boost me everyday !

If it can help some, here are the steps of the painting concerned :


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